Stacks of Folded Clothes

Create Space for the New

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Want to invite something new into your life? One of the best ways is by creating space – logistically, emotionally, physically – whatever it takes. As an organization freak, I typically begin with my closet. A while back, I took on all the fashion statements lurking behind its sliding doors. It was long overdue. The nineties were still alive and well, not to mention “totally rad”, on even spaced hangers.

Goodbye to the Nineties

Following a first pass, here was just a portion of the items headed off to the local donation center. After laughing hysterically for hours, I decided to create my own little miniseries. Each day this week, I will feature a different “totally sweet, hella fly” item I actually wore in the nineties. So, pop a “Hootie and the Blowfish” CD in the Discman. Strap on your Rollerblades. It’s go time! I am so sorry, Tim Gunn….

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