Adult Beginning Figure Skating Report Card

Just Take That First Step

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Sitting here looking at this empty page, I am feeling it. Where do I begin? How am I going to make this idea work? Will everyone think this new endeavor is ridiculous? Did I just overcommit myself to a huge waste of time? Any distraction I can find to pull myself away from a first step is welcomed and embraced. The whole thing seems way too big. That is, until that moment when I just sit down…and start writing…

Begin Now

This is the process of beginning something new. For me, it’s finding the courage to take that first step. It means hacking away all the reasons why it isn’t going to work and focusing on how I want it to work. Once things get moving, there’s a flow in what comes next. A framework begins to emerge. It picks up speed. I start to feel the energy of why I set out in this direction. I remember.

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” – Rumi

What’s the Next Step?

It feels scary though – like committing yourself. But, really it’s just about taking that ONE step. That’s all. See if that step drives you forward. Follow that silent pull. Be engaged in it. Be free to change your mind or redirect your goals. If it feels good, take another step. If it doesn’t, scrap it and head in another direction. Whatever you do, just begin. The rest will work itself out.

Four years ago, I began figure skating. That first step translated into showing up for an adult beginning class at a local rink. It started as one step. I went alone and knew no one there. I was a forty-six year old dude in blue plastic rental skates with dull butter knives mounted to the bottom. What was I doing? How was I going to make this work? Yet, that night I realized I could take another step and come back the following week. There was no vision of where it would go or knowledge of what adventures would follow. In class, I met my first friend at the rink – someone with the same passion and interest to follow their dreams on the ice. I still smile every time I hear her say, “Good morning, champions!”

So, go ahead. You are ready. Take that first step. How can it begin TODAY?

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